Friday, 10 August 2012

The Original Centre Lake Retouched

I have started reworking old paintings that I don't like.  My past disasters.  The improvement in the first one was so dramatic and exciting that Debbie suggested that I go back into the original Centre Lake painting.  I was hesitant because although not a great painting it was a great souvenir from "A Brush with the Highlands".  I broke down and decided to take another shot at it and again the improvement was rather dramatic.  It still isn't a great painting and not where I want to be but it is a huge improvement over the low key original.  I am excited about where my work is taking me.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Centre Lake revisited

My goal is to get much bolder and looser.  In the past I have been painting but always with the intent of producing a finished painting.  I am now starting to work/play just for the sake of learning.  Yesterday, with that in mind, I pulled out a cheap watercolour pad and tried Centre Lake again painting from my original painting.  It isn't a good painting but it was never intended to be.  There are some things that I like about it and it is overall better than the bland original so in my mind it was a success.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Brush with the Highlands

What an amazing weekend!  Over 40 great artists gathered at Wilberforce Ontario for two days of plein air painting at ten locations followed by a show and sale of their art in the community centre. I painted for two days solid in a very hot sun and then I was upset because it was raining and too wet to paint on the day of the show.  The upside of the rain was that I spent the time mixing and chatting with some of my favourite outdoor artists who treated me as an artist and most cases an equal.

I was inspired.  I am now seeing myself as an artist and not just as a retired guy who likes to paint.  It is now a job that I intend to work at.  Seeing my work hanging with the work of other great artists has put it in context for me.  I now know I have the required technical skills so it is time to pay more attention to composition, especially colour.  I need to be bold and take chances.

This painting was painted on Friday at Centre Lake which is only minutes from Paudash Lake.  It should have had more contrast and more intense colour but I am happy with the sky.

This next one was painted at Magnificent Hill Farm which is on Magnificent Rd in Highland Grove, Ontario.  The couple that run it are doing a fantastic job of homesteading and selling pies, preserves and produce.  I was standing in front of the chicken coop trying to focus with the aroma of fresh baked pies wafting by and the sound of baby goats bleating right behind me.  It was awesome!

I am inspired.  Now I have to keep the momentum going. I will definitely attend "A Brush with the Highlands" again next year.