Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What a Gorgeous Day to be Outside

It started off a bit chilly this morning but it quickly warmed up to about 22 degrees with a bright warm sun. I was painting at Princes Point with the Burlington Fine Arts Association and we couldn't have had better conditions.  It was such a great day to be out that I completed two paintings and I was still reluctant to pack up.

I was originally attracted to this scene because this glowing field was the backdrop for some low hanging branches of a very old maple tree.  I was going to do a painting of the branches but when I finished the background I decided that I liked it as is and branches hanging down in front of it wouldn't make it any better so I left them out.

I am very pleased with the result.

I am not as pleased with this painting but I am okay with it.  I have the reds a bit too intense but it balances the darks on the other side so it kind of works.

We are off to a volunteer reception at the Carnegie Gallery tonight so I will get a preview of the completed addition to the gallery.  It will be the perfect finish to an intense day.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

It was a fantastic day to paint.  A group of us met at Meyers Apple Orchards in Copetown.  It was about 16 degrees and the sun was warm with a few fluffy clouds to make the sky interesting.

Meyers is a u-pick orchard. All the apple trees are pruned so that they can be picked without ladders and they have fantastic shapes and gnarly branches.  They are also loaded with apples.  Most of the others attempted to paint the rows of trees however I decided to stick to one tree with the wonderful blue sky as a backdrop.

I am very happy with this painting.  I would also recommend Meyer's apples.  I bought three of their many varieties and they are delicious.  It was indeed a great and productive day.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dundurn What?

It is time to listen to Debbie and fix my lackadaisical painting storage system.  I was sickened to discover that a painting that sold was badly damaged. Not only did I lose that sale but one of my best paintings in now not ruined.

I didn't expect to do well painting today because I was still upset by my ruined painting, it was cool and windy where we were set up and there was a very noisy truck right behind us the whole time that we were painting.

The act of painting removes me from all that.  I get so wrapped up in the process that everything else becomes insignificant.  When I started to pack up I came to the realization that I was shivering from the cold and my fingertips were numb.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the resulting painting.

This is the back door to a grand mansion built by Sir Alan McNab in 1835.  It was built on the site of a War of 1812 fort and was named Dundurn which is Gaelic for "strong fort".  It was affectionately nicknamed Dundurn Castle by Hamilton residents.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lowville Creek 14" X 11"

Today was a great day.  Is was about 18 degrees C with clear blue skies so there was great lighting and it was very comfortable. I rushed out of the house without my tripod or my rags but a picnic table served as a tripod and towels were borrowed from a friend so I managed quite well.

I struggled with my last couple of paintings so I had mixed feelings about painting today.  Eagerness to paint mixed with some trepidation about how it would go.  I needn't have worried.  I am quite pleased with this painting.  I still have a long way to go and lots to learn but paintings like this one keep me excited about the trip.