Friday, 4 March 2016

It's Happy Dance Time again.

Where has the time gone.  I have been caught up in other things and haven't painted in over a month and now I am scrambling to find paintings to put into five different group shows.

Today I submitted a painting to the Art Gallery of Burlington's annual juried show.  I am really excited to say that this painting painted during the Wilberforce Plein Air Arts Festival last September was accepted.  That is three years in a row that I have managed to get paintings juried in and I am a bit concerned because my head seems to be swelling.

It is especially exciting because I am up against most of the best artists in Burlington and area and I believe that mine was the only plein air piece accepted.  The others are all studio pieces and therefore much more refined.

The other big benefit is that I am now motivated to dump everything and get painting.  It is time to satisfy my cravings.  Bring on the paint.