Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Is it watercolour?

While I was painting this a passerby asked how I could use watercolour on a paper palette.  I wasn't.  I am playing around trying to find a system that will work for me on the French River trip. I wondered if I could use acrylic paint like watercolour and I think that with practice I could.  I have read that there will be adhesion issues if I dilute the acrylic paint this much so we will see.

It was a perfect day to paint.  It was about 24 C but I was in the shade and there was a cool breeze coming off the lake.  This is small (9 X 12) but a comfortable canoe trip size and gessoed watercolour paper so very light.  It was painted in about an hour and a half with many disruptions which can be troublesome when working with acrylic paint on a warm breezy day.

I had fun painting this which is a first with acrylic paint but that is probably because I was using my very comfortable watercolour techniques.  I have some issues with the finished painting but it was fun, I learned a lot and I think this method may work.  Now up to my studio to work on a portrait commission.  Now that is work.

Monday, 5 September 2016

What a Great Day

Painting today was fantastic for so many reasons.  We were at Sam Lawrence Park overlooking Hamilton.  It didn't look inviting because it was very hot in the sun and the city below us was engulfed in haze.  I found a spot in the shade and marvelled at the dappled sun shining on some very large sycamore trees with the very distant escarpment and a couple of large buildings as a backdrop.

Nathan, one of my sons, has invited me to paddle the French River with him and some of his friends in October.  The deal is that I am exempt from chores provided I paint.  Acrylic paint is much more practical than oils on a canoe trip so my goal is to become proficient in them in three weeks. Right!  I have only painted a handful of acrylic paintings, all disasters, and that was enough to teach me the learning curve is very steep.

This painting is an acrylic painting and I am excited about it.  It isn't one of my best paintings but it is by far my best acrylic painting.  I learned a lot about working with plastic paint today but I also learned that I may become very fond of them with time.  The techniques are very different than either oils or watercolours but they are very flexible and correctable. I now feel that the learning curve may not be as steep or as high as I previously thought.

Bring on the French River.  I am almost ready.