Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas

It is a busy time of year and sadly both my painting and posting have been neglected again.  These three paintings were all done on Monday afternoons with the Monday painters.

This first one was painted in a rush because there was a cold wind and a storm headed our way.  We were very exposed on the radial trail on the face of the escarpment looking across towards Dundas and Clara's Climb.

This second one was painted on a very windy day at Dyment's Market at the top of Sydenham Hill in Dundas.  The wind was so strong that I was hunkered down beside my Subaru with my easel tied to the mirror.  It was another day with a threatening storm.

There is no better place to paint the week before Christmas than downtown Dundas and I cannot think of a better subject on an extremely cold day than Detour Cafe.  It was chosen mainly because it enabled me to hunker down in an alley between The Horn of Plenty and Cumbrea's. It forgot gloves and my fingers became too stiff to hold a paintbrush so this one isn't quite finished.

 I would like to wish all those who celebrate it a very Merry Christmas and everyone a Happy New Year.  May next year be filled with love and laughter.