Thursday, 15 March 2018

Painting Kids Painting

I had a great time at the Dundas Museum and Archives this afternoon. 

 When I was there yesterday hanging my show I was told that they had invited youth to come paint outside this afternoon.  They wanted to know if I could come and set up and paint.  I said sure and invited some friends.  

This was painted quickly and while it isn't one of my best paintings it captures young Max sitting on the stairs of the Doctor's house merrily working on a painting of his grandmother sitting on a bench and totally oblivious to the fact that it was only 3 F.  I painted it in a rush because I didn't expect him to stay long but he managed three paintings outside over about an hour and a half.  I was impressed because he, like us,  worked with no gloves on and my hands were cold and stiff by the time I finished.  I wish that I had taken a photo of his painting to show here.

His determination reminded my of my grandson Max.

April 14th Opening

It has been a very busy few months but my solo show consisting of thirty plein air paintings is now hanging in the Dundas Museum and Archives. I decided a little over a year ago that I needed to become proficient with acrylic paint so that I could use them while traveling and especially on canoe trips. I decided this show should be all acrylics and I had no idea how much stress it was going to be. The paintings were all propped up in our living room and depending on the light and my mood they looked fantastic or they looked terrible.

Having said that I am really excited about it now that it is up.  The lighting in the gallery is far superior to our living room.  All paintings were painted on location in places like OSA Lake in Killarney or the Tablelands in Newfoundland or Paudash Lake.  The gallery is open to the public but be aware that there are often meetings in the room.  I am really excited about the opening reception on April 14th from 1:30 to 3:30.

I would love to know what you think of my work.