Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I finally managed to get out of bed early enough to go to the Wednesday Sketch Group. Etienne was our model and as usual he sat perfectly still.  He makes it almost too easy.

I love doing watercolour portraits but I do so few these days that every one is a relearning experience. I struggled with this one but it was fun just the same.  It isn't a great likeness but that's okay.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

From the escarpment at Night

We spent about five hours looking and painting from the top of the Niagara Escarpment in Dundas last night.  In that time span it went form very windy and cloudy to very dark so the light and sky was totaly different every few minutes.

 This first painting was painted while holding my easel to keep it upright.  The wind was about 40 kilometers per hour and the very low clouds felt like they were swirling around us. We were praying that they wouldn't open up and soak us.  This is looking towards Hamilton from the top of Clara's Climb in Dundas.  I elected to focus on the clouds and leave the city out.The dark spots are dirt and debris blown onto the painting.  I will remove them when the painting dries.

Last night was my second ever attempt at a nocturne.  The first was last week and was an absolute disaster but I had fun last night and while there is still a very long way to go I am pretty happy with the result.  It was painted with two purposefully dim clip on flashlights which helped preserve my night vision however night vision is mostly black and white so I had no idea what colours I had down until I got it home. I should have put more colour into the sky.

I may do more nocturnes because it was a wonderful challenge. The glass of Shawn and Ed's darker lager between paintings may have helped.