Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Why Is It So Dark

Because I need to get an umbrella?

This painting like many others looked bright and light when I painted it however as soon as I brought it indoors it died.  I know better than to paint with my board and my palette in full sunlight.  Painting in the shade helps drop the intensity of the light on my work making it closer to what would be found indoors.  Some locations, such as this one, require that I stand in full sunlight when I work so an umbrella would help.

In reality the clouds were big and fluffy and not nearly so menacing looking.  As usual there are some things that I like about this piece and some not so much but I did learn a lot while painting it so all is good.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


The Monday Painters were at Fieldcote Musuem in Ancaster yesterday.  I have painted here many times but never successfully.  It is visually very busy with a Tudor home surrounded by trees and gardens.  I didn't much feel like painting however it was a coolish (25 C) day with a light breeze and I was here so I dug in.

These Black Eyed Susans' brilliant yellow petals glowed against the dark shadows under the shrubs.  I rarely paint florals however this seemed to be the less complicated of the subjects or so I thought until I started painting the petals.  The very distinct odour of skunk wafting by every once in a while did not help my concentration.  I rushed this painting so that I could get packed up and gone and all things considered I am very happy with it.

I definitely didn't over think this one.  I didn't think much at all.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Moon River

Moon Bay to be more precise.  We are just back from six very hot days living out of our canoe in Moon Bay which is the mouth of the Moon River leading into Georgian Bay. It was a fantastic trip with family and friends but after paddling, in the heat, to a new site each day I was too exhausted to paint much.

This first painting is the only acrylic that I painted.  I need a lot more practice with acrylic paint.  The heat had the painting drying very quickly on my palette and forming thick globs on my painting. I am happy with parts of this and not so happy with most of it.  I need to learn to paint with acrylic paint instead of trying to use them as if I am using oils.

These next images are of watercolour sketches done in my journal. These are never meant to be great paintings but rather sketches forming a pictorial record of our trip.  When I sit and sketch a scene or activity I see much more than if I quickly look through a viewfinder and snap a picture.  These are done quickly and are a lot of fun to do.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Easy Never Works

Why is it easy never works for me?  Yesterday was a great day to be out painting.  It wasn't too hot but the sun was shining so the lighting was perfect.  It was an absolutely perfect day to be outside painting.  No stresses whatsoever.  What happens?

This painting is mediocre at best.  I see a lot of issues with it.  It seems that I need to be distracted to paint well.  If there are no bugs, or wind, or hot sun, or snow I tend to overthink what I am doing and try for perfection and that always ends in disaster.

We leave Thursday on a canoe trip and I am going to try acrylics again.  That should be distracting enough.