Monday, 21 August 2017

My Best Yet?

I have been struggling to get that nice thick textured look that I had with oils.  I read that Tri Art makes the heaviest body acrylic paint so I bought one tube of Payne's Grey and headed to Manorun Organic Farm to try them out.  I painted this using the Payne's Grey for the dark greens and concluded that it not only makes a fantastic dark green when mixed with Hansa Yellow but it does indeed seem nice and juicy.  You can't tell from the photo but there is lots of texture in this painting.

To top it off Tri Art paints are high quality paints that are made in Canada and cheaper than all others except student grade. Hi quality, Canadian and cheap. Yahoo!  I purchased a bunch of tubes and can't wait to try them out.  I have a week to play and decide before I head to Newfoundland.

I think that this is my best acrylic painting yet.  Any thoughts?

Saturday, 19 August 2017

I Am Having Fun again

I haven't been posting but I have been traveling and painting.  We spent some time on a friend's property near Port Loring, two weeks on Manitoulin Island and a week at Agawa Bay Campground and I painted everywhere.  Most were disasters but I produced quite a few acrylic paintings that I am quite happy with.

This first painting was on my bucket list.  I climbed to the top of Willisville Mountain with my paints on my back.  Willisville is in the middle of the La Cloche mountain range and was a favourite haunt of many Group of Seven artists.  It was pushing thirty degrees and mostly sunny so the the hour climb had me hot and tired but the view had me inspired.  The lake in the distance is Grace Lake,

This second painting is the same place but looking south towards Little Current.  This view doesn't have the white quartz rock of the other views but it went on forever.  I plan to make this climb again because it was definitely worth the effort.  Now that acrylic paints are my new best friends locations like this are doable.

This third painting is of Spirit Island on Seagull Lake.  It is the always inspiring view from a dear friends property near Port Loring.  Debbie and I love camping here.

This last painting was painted while sitting on my brother in law's patio on Manitoulin Island. I will never tire of coming here.

Debbie and I are headed to Newfoundland in a week with my mentor (Catherine Gibbon). I can't wait to see what I produce there.