Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dog Days - all paintings 11" X 14"

I have been painting just slow to post.  I really need to find my camera charger.

This was painted on Monday July 8th but I had to wait for paintings to dry so that I could scan them.  It was a very hot day at Bronte Harbour but fortunately we could find some shade and there was a gentle breeze coming off the lake.

This was painted last Monday.  It was just as hot with a bit less of a breeze.  Do oil paints ever get soft when it is this hot.  Three of us all painted this scene as an exercise is getting the shape of the water correct.  I am happy with my result.

This was painted Thursday.  It was rather horrendous.  It was very very hot,  there wasn't even a whisper of a breeze and the deer flies were biting like crazy.  It was still good to be painting.  I love my job even if it doesn't pay well.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Manitoulin Island

Debbie and I spent two marvellous days on Manitoulin Island last weekend and I managed to find time for two paintings.  Unfortunately the battery in my camera died and I have misplaced the charger so I had to wait for them to dry enough to scan them.

This is the gate for the lane leading to my brother-in-law's home.  Bill's house has a magnificent view across Lake Manitou of the Cup and Saucer.  I have the gateway a bit narrow and the sun from different directions but I am happy with this.  It was a beautiful day but the shadows were moving faster than I was painting so I got a bit confused.

I had a few hours to kill in Little Current so I headed out towards Whitefish falls looking for rocks, water, and pine trees to paint.  There are lots of great views however very few places to pull off the highway to paint.  This was painted at a boat launch at the narrows at the top of La Cloche Island.  Locals call it Swift Current but I couldn't find any reference to it on any map.  The scenery here was awesome.

Fletcher Creek again

We went back to Fletcher Creek Conservation Area again and painted from 2 PM until 9 PM with a short break for supper.

This is my afternoon painting.  The weather was perfect.  I was in a old cedar grove beside a marsh and the bugs surprisingly weren't a problem.  The only challenge was the lack of light.  There was a thick canopy and mostly cloudy skies so it was pretty dark.  Every once in a while the sun would break through and there would momentarily be gorgeous highlights.

When we brought our paintings out into the sunlight the colours and contrast was much different than we expected.  I love this location and am okay with this painting.  I should have used more colour.